Faculty Resources Page

Please find below a list of online resources and documents that various people have found useful and/or thought provoking. Our goal is to maintain this list
as a growing repository which could be used by all members of the SEAS community.

If you have suggestions for items that could be added please email the relevant link or document along with a brief description to odei@seas.upenn.edu


Title + Link Source
Systemic inequalities for LGBTQ professionals in STEM Science Advances
Can I Mentor African-American Faculty? Inside HigherEd
Racial and ethnic imbalance in neuroscience reference lists and intersections with gender CSH: Biorxiv
I’m a Black, Genderqueer Medical Student: Here’s My Hard-Won Wisdom for Students and Educational Institutions Leapsmag
Gender Inequality in Science Careers and Publishing Inside HigherEd
By playing it safe, I became a Latino scientist. But that approach held me back. American Association for the Advancement of Science